Lecture Series

One of the fundamental goals of our network of Marymount schools is "to instill alifelong love of learning."   Here at Marymount Rome, we wish to make this a truly meaningful goal for all the members of our school community: students, alumni, faculty, parents, and friends.  So, this year we have decided to launch a new Lecture Series, thus creating the occasion for the entire Marymount community to explore ideas, deepen  understanding, and discover a true passion for knowledge.


You are invited to attend our inaugural lecture, which will take place on Monday, November 20th, at 5pm in the school Auditorium.


Mrs. Alessandra Necci, a lawyer, historian, and biographer, with a background in journalism and politics, as an adviser in various Italian institutions, will deliver the inaugural lecture, entitled “Italy and the Renaissance: Women in Power.” Mrs Necci will take us on a journey from the division of Italy at the end of the Middle Ages, through the rising importance of art during the Italian Renaissance, to a look at the powerful and highly influential women of the times.


In the spirit of inquiry there will be time at the end of the lecture for questions from the audience.


We welcome and encourage your attendance on Monday 20th.

Please RSVP to researchandresources@marymountrome.com in order to reserve your seats as there is limited availability.

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