Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Marymount International School Rome appear below. For more information, please contact us by telephone at (+39) 06 36 29 101 or email at marymount@marymountrome.com

What is the application process?
Acceptance and placement depends upon review of the application papers submitted.  All application forms are available to download in the box at right.
The documents to submit for review are:  a completed application form, health form, teacher and Principal recommendation forms, copies of the previous school reports from the last two years (as applicable), and the application fee.  Following a review of these materials the Head of School informs the parents of the school’s decision.

When is the application deadline?
As spaces are limited early application in January/February is recommended for September entry.  However, as we are an international school, applications are accepted year round, and applications made throughout the academic year will be reviewed on an individual basis.

What is the birthday cut off date for entry in Early Childhood?

Birth date entry is from 31st October to 30th October :
To enter Early Childhood 1 a child must be three years old by October 31.
To enter Early Childhood 2 a child must be four years old  by October 31.
To enter Kindergarten a child must be five years old by October 31.

What is the school year?
The school year runs from early September to late June.

What are the school hours?
The school runs Monday through Friday, and the hours are:
8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. for Grades 1-5 and
8.30 a.m. to 3.35 p.m. for Grades 6-12 and 
8.30 a.m. to 3.20 p.m. for Early Childhood and Kindergarten

Is Italian taught?
Italian is taught as a foreign language from Grade 1 upwards.  Students in the Elementary School have Italian twice or three times a week depending on the grade.  All other classes are taught in English.

Early Childhood and Kindergarten students do not have Italian lessons.

Students in the Secondary School choose a foreign language to study, selecting from Italian, French, and Spanish.

What is the class size and student/teacher ratio?
School-wide, class sizes range from 20 to 25 students per class. In the Elementary School, a limit of 22 students is placed on class size, barring exceptional circumstances. EC and Kindergarten classes have two teachers while Grades 1 to 5 have one class teacher and specialist teachers for music, art, physical education, and computer classes. In the Secondary School, every effort is made  to keep the number of students per classroom to 20 or below, while an upper limit of 22 is exceeded only in extraordinary circumstances.

Where is the school situated in Rome?
Marymount is situated 7 kilometers north of the historic center of Rome in an area called Vigna Clara/Cassia.  The school is at the end of a small, private road called Via di Villa Lauchli.

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