As a completely wireless campus, Marymount keeps in step with the latest technological advancements and offers its students and teachers access to state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. Both the Elementary School and Secondary School have fully equipped, internet enabled Computer Labs, while each library contains an ample supply of networked computer workstations. The school also provides laptop computers to all teachers in order to meet their technological needs in and out of the classroom.

In the Elementary School, students take computer classes in which they store and access their work on their own designated computers. The Elementary curriculum also integrates information technology so that students can put their computer skills to practical and creative use. Students in Grades 4 through 6 participate in a 1-1 iPad program while Middle and High School students benefit from the school's 1-1 laptop program.

The Computer Lab in the Secondary School hums with activity throughout the day as a range of technology classes, including web design, computer arts, animation, programming, and robotics is offered as coursework or as after school activities.

Grade 5 students use their iPads in the classroom.Many classrooms throughout the school are equipped with interactive white boards, including CleverBoards, which represent the newest generation of white board technology and help to make classroom lessons even more vivid and engaging. Teachers and students also have access to data projectors, digital video cameras, digital cameras, television monitors, and DVD players. Additionally, students taking classes in computer music, computer art, and a number of the sciences enjoy access to a wealth of hardware and software specific to the technological needs of these classes.

Through the use of Powerschool, parents have 24/7 access to their children’s coursework, assignments, quiz and test schedules and scores, and school calendars. Powerschool is a web-based program in which classroom teachers upload detailed information about their individual classes, while parents and students can log in to the program with their unique user names and passwords to view information most relevant to themselves.

In reviewing the curriculum throughout the school, Marymount’s teachers and administrators rely on Atlas Curriculum Mapping, a cutting edge computer program that facilitates ongoing curriculum analysis and ensures that Marymount’s curriculum is optimized for the benefit of all of its students while conforming to mandated standards and benchmarks.

Secondary School computer lab.

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