College Counseling

For an international group of students considering university studies in various countries, the process of moving on from high school can be a difficult and sometimes bewildering one.  Therefore, preparing students to make good choices about their university studies and guiding them through this process are the priorities of the college counseling program. 

Although our high school students undergo preparation for university entrance from the first day of their arrival at Marymount through a rigorous program of study and numerous extracurricular opportunities, the college counseling program begins in earnest in grade 10, and its aim is to make this process, however challenging, an exciting and enjoyable part of our students’ overall education.

To learn more about how students in grades 10-12 prepare for college, click on each grade level.

Grade 10 – college guidance classes, the PSAT, psychometric testing through StepOne, and college visits.

Grade 11 – guidance classes, college visits, preview applications, the SAT, individual meetings with the college counselor, and preliminary application work.

Grade 12 – writing and submitting applications and maintaining contact with universities.

Nearly all of Marymount graduates go on to higher education immediately after high school. Click here to view a list of university offers and acceptances for Marymount's most recent graduating class.

For more information, you are welcome to contact Marymount's College Counselor:

Mr. Terrence McAndrews
(+39) 06 36 29 10 78


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College Couns.
Mr. Terrence McAndrews
College Offers

Click here to view a list of our latest Graduates' college and university offers and acceptances.

College Visits

Each year, representatives from many colleges and universities throughout the world come to the Marymount campus to speak with students.