Marymount's students stand at the center of school life and with every facet of the school, from curriculum design to technology and facilities, primary consideration is given to promoting student success. Representing more than 60 nationalities, our students exemplify Marymount's vision of "unity through diversity," a central tenet of the school's mission.  This diversity not only makes the campus a more interesting and colorful environment in which to learn but also provides students from an early age the opportunity to form a deeper understanding of world cultures while developing a more informed global perspective.

Life-long friendships develop naturally and easily at Marymount, where students enjoy opportunities to spend time together both in and out of the classroom. Whether traveling throughout Italy with their sports teams, exploring Europe on class trips, or enjoying a dance or movie night on campus, students in the Secondary School form friendships that last well beyond graduation. Meanwhile, students in Grades 6,7, and 8 connect with each other and learn the value of teamwork right from the start during an orientation period at the start of each year. In the Elementary School, friendships arise quickly in the classrooms, on the playgrounds, and at the many social events that take place throughout the school year.


Powerschool is a powerful web-based communications tool for education.  Using this technology, students and parents from anywhere in the world at any time can log onto the Marymount Powerschool page and view information related to specific classes, including assignments, quizzes, tests, calendars, and scores.

Powerschool log-on

If you should have any enquiries, please contact:          Ms. Sarah Gallagher, Exec. Head of School          Ms. Pamela Edmonds, Assistant to Head of School          Ms. Danielle Pinkerton, Secondary School Principal       Ms. Kerry Girod-Fedah, Elementary School Principal

After School Activities

Students can choose from a variety of athletic, creative, and intellectual activities, ranging from yoga and dance to football and softball. Click here for more information.

Sports Events

Marymount student-athletes compete in varsity sports competitions both at home and away. These hardworking and dedicated students spend many hours sharpening their skills at practices, traveling to matches throughout Italy, and representing Marymount both on and off the playing field. Click here to keep track of season schedules and sports news.


Marymount offers its students a balanced and healthy lunch, typically consisting of pasta or rice, meat or fish, and fruits and vegetables. The kitchen uses mainly organic ingredients and extra virgin olive oil and is a completely peanut-free environment. 

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Semester Exams Grades 9-11

Semester Exams Grades 9-11

Christmas Vacation begins at 12:30pm


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