Learning Support & Enrichment Programs

Our Learning Support and Enrichment Mission:

At Marymount we believe that all students should have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills in an educationally rich environment that will individualize their learning experiences.

We are a responsibly inclusive school that accepts students with a broad range of learning and developmental needs. We offer a variety of instructional strategies; models and services to help meet the individual needs of students and allow for all students to not only achieve success but be challenged to grow their interests and talents.


Enrichment Programs
The School offers a variety of advanced and flexible academic study options. These include enrichment opportunities in mathematics, modern language courses (as well as the possibility to accommodate all Mother Tongue languages studies), athletics and the arts as well as the possibility to begin IB coursework in Grade 10 with the proper prerequisites and teacher recommendations.  Continuous attention is given to students wishing to develop their various interests in addition to specific skills such as public speaking and leadership strategies through a wide variety of opportunities, for example participation in TEDx Conferences, RSHM Conferences within the Marymount global network of schools, Learning, Athletics and Music Festivals, FabLab Fairs, and Model United Nations.


What happens when a child experiences difficulty?
If a parent, teacher or student presents concerns, assistance can be requested through our Student Study Teams.  The teams consist of a variety of professionals, teachers, psychologists, Learning Support teachers, English Language Learner (ELL) teachers and others who work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to identify specific areas of difficulty and recommend appropriate interventions, modifications, accommodations and develop programs that best meet student needs. If concerns persist, we offer evaluation options to further investigate areas of difficulty.


What if my child has been in gifted education previously or has completed coursework at a previous school?
All students new to Marymount are given a variety of screening exams to determine proper placement in coursework.  Social and academic challenge levels are always taken in consideration when making final decisions by the team.  If you feel as though your child should be in a higher level of academics, please contact one of the administrative team members and provide further evidence such as testing scores or curriculum descriptions from a previous school.


In all cases, the School's personnel and parents work collaboratively to ensure success for all students.



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