What is a FabLab?

What began as a project in the Media Lab at MIT is now a worldwide phenomenon that turns learning into a hands-on, concept-to-creation process. Short for Fabrication Laboratory, a FabLab is a place where students in all grades are free to explore their ideas, combine their subjects, exercise their innovation, and create the future.

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How do they do that?

We provide the space and the materials and they provide the imagination. Our FabLab will offer students tools ranging from the high-tech, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and easy-to-use design software, to the low-tech, such as sewing machines, scissors, and clay. But a FabLab is not just about what’s in it – it’s about how the students learn in it. Based on disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, collectively known as STEAM, the FabLab philosophy allows our students to integrate each of these disciplines to create, design, and implement real-world applications.

Why is this important?

By building bridges between subjects, students not only gain a better understanding of individual disciplines but also learn to use creativity and innovation to combine their subjects as part of a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, the process of thinking, making and creating things allows students the opportunity to learn about new technologies and tools. These processes require certain skills - such as collaborative thinking, risk-taking, adaptability and more - that are critical in an increasingly complex world and that prove helpful in gaining knowledge in ways that traditional classroom lectures cannot.

Rendering of Marymount's FabLab interior


What types of projects could Marymount students create?

Students can use the FabLab to address real-world problems, such as creating a water control for an irrigation system or developing wearable electronics. They can explore history by reproducing Roman temples, Viking boats, and medieval towers. They can explore scenic design and drama by designing and building sets for theater performances. The list goes on and on – as far as their imaginations will take them!

Take a quick look inside the FabLab:

How can I help?

Renovating the space and equipping the FabLab is an ongoing endeavor for the School, and we are asking parents, alumni, and friends of Marymount continue to join us in making this wonderful opportunity even better yet for our students. We are extremely grateful to the generous parents and alumni who have already demonstrated their support for this project. We hope others will consider continuing to help Marymount develop its FabLab.

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